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Mission Driven Coaching Program
Experience Your Utmost Personal Productivity Without Sacrificing The Important Things In Your Life...
My name is Matisyahu Goren
Together We Can Discover Your Unique Mission, Make A Plan To Accomplish It,  And Meet Weekly To Execute The Plan.

Because Mission Driven is All About Getting Better and you don’t have to do it alone.
The Mission Driven system provides its users a formula to experience the utmost productivity that the user is personally capable of. 

The approach is designed to accomplish a particular task that one was not previously not capable of doing or not capable of doing it with ease and to now do with ease, while factoring in their Mind, Body, and Budget alignment, ensuring it is the right task for the right time.
Our system's algorithm incorporates the tendency of an individual’s desire to achieve profit maximization/ positive outcome maximization with the least amount of resources applied toward accomplishing the task. 

However the full accomplishment of a goal commonly requires an individual’s utmost productivity, factoring in the opportunity cost ahead of time.

The system is addressing and compiled from the four areas of life that we believe make up a day to day landscape of activities - Spirituality*, Relationships, Productivity, and Health. (* if spirituality is a part of your life, if not skip.)
This system will guide your day from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep without any time wasted or unaccounted for. 

It is entirely up to the user what daily-planning software one uses to load as many tasks and reminders as well as keep a history of events populating a route of the shortest task accomplishments, productivity pick-ups and time-vortexing bottlenecks of communicating with their peers and social-media components, reducing stress inscriptions throughout their daily routine. 

Hear from people this program has impacted
In Addition To Our 12 Weekly Meetings You Receive:
Exclusive Videos & Teachings
All The Courses, Webinars, You Name It. Anything The Long Short Way Produces Will Be Shared With You. I Take Your Investment In Yourself Seriously.
  Access to Facebook Community
Here you will connect with likeminded individuals pushing towards their goals and holding each other accountable. Many of my students say this community will change their life.
  Useful Materials
Powerful Materials to help you get the most from each Pillar (Value $497) Including:

• ​ ​Budget Template
• ​ ​How to Start a Business Worksheet
• ​ ​Mission Statement Template
• ​ ​Goal Setting Workbook
• ​ ​Resume Templates
• ​ ​Email Templates for Networking, Mentorship, and Others
• ​ ​Technology Basic How To’s for Starting Various Projects.
• ​ ​How to Outsource Tasks for Amazing Benefits
Due to the amount of personal attention I provide each student, I only take on 10 at any given point in time. 
Let's Make The World A Godly Place

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